The Foundation Board is responsible for guiding the overall strategy of the Basel Institute. It supervises and monitors the activities of the managing board, advises the managing board on all organisational matters and takes fundamental decisions concerning the Basel Institute's operations and strategies. 

Current Members of the Board are:

Mark Pieth

President of the Board

Marco Balmelli

Member of the Board

Thomas Christ

Member of the Board

Till Förster

Member of the Board

Anne Peters

Vice-President of the Board

Domenico Scala

Member of the Board

Christoph Tschumi

Member of the Board

Code of Ethics

The Basel Institute's Code of Ethics (also available in Spanish) guides our staff and representatives in their day-to-day work, interaction and decision-making. It sets out the core values and principles for the conduct and behaviour of staff and representatives.

All suppliers and consultants to the Basel Institute must adhere to our Code of Ethics when operating for, with or on behalf of the Basel Institute.

Audited financial accounts

The Basel Institute’s annual financial accounts are prepared according to Swiss law, GAAP FER principles and the Basel Institute’s bylaws. They are audited independently each year by BDO.