Gender equality, inclusion and diversity

Gender equality, inclusion and diversity (GEID) have been core values of the Basel Institute on Governance since its foundation in 2003. We are committed to incorporating diversity in all aspects of our work, to continuously fostering a culture that respects and values diversity, and to embedding this in our policies and practices. 

We are convinced that this diversity in our team is key to achieving our mission, and we are proud to have a significant track record of gender equality and diversity. Our team features a very rich and diverse pool of professionals from all over the world, who are jointly striving to contribute to our mission of combating corruption and improving the quality of governance around the world. 

Read our GEID implementation and improvement plan that explains key policies and practices employed at the Basel Institute to uphold these core values, and outlines how we aim to continuously strengthen these practices. It was adopted by the Board and the Management Group of the Basel Institute on Governance on 1 June 2023.