Our online learning platform, Basel LEARN, is designed to help law enforcement, anti-money laundering and compliance professionals gain new skills to fight financial crime.

It offers a host of free interactive online courses and other practical guidelines. It's also our base for virtual delivery of training courses led by our International Centre for Asset Recovery and other teams.

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Self-paced eLearning

Our International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) offers interactive online certificate courses on key skills to investigate corruption and money laundering and recover stolen assets:

Operational Analysis of Suspicious Transaction Reports

Analysing suspicious financial activities is a key function of Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs). To enhance the capacity of FIUs worldwide, ICAR, in co-operation with the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units, has developed an eLearning course on Operational Analysis, based on the content of the Egmont Group’s successful on-site Tactical Analysis training.
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Financial Analysis with Excel

For most investigators, Excel is the tool of choice to analyse financial information. In this course participants experience how to use Excel to organise and analyse large volumes of data such as banking records, invoices, phone records and commercial transactions.
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Visualising Cases and Flows of Money

Corruption and money laundering investigations often involve complex structures of persons, companies and other entities. For example, when presenting the case to a supervisor or colleague, a graph depicting its framework or the structure of the flow of money can help to better understand it.
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Source and Application of Funds analysis

The Source and Application of Funds Analysis is the key to proving unknown or illegal income in a bribery or money laundering case when direct evidence is not available. In this course, participants learn how to apply the methodology to case examples and practice their skills and knowledge.
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Terrorist Financing

Anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) systems and enforcement are strengthening around the world. As a result, it is increasingly essential for practitioners to have a clear and up-to-date understanding of terrorist financing threats, as well as how to identify, analyse and report them. This course addresses those needs. It was developed in co-operation with the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units and is based on the content of the Egmont Group’s on-site Terrorist Financing training.
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International Cooperation and Mutual Legal Assistance

Corruption and money laundering cases generally require investigative efforts beyond domestic borders. Why? A company paying bribes for a contract might be located in a foreign country. Perhaps assets used by the suspect are registered in a foreign company's name. A corrupt official may launder bribes in another jurisdiction. Successful international cooperation and collection of information are key to a successful prosecution.
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We offer these courses for free to support anti-corruption investigators, prosecutors and analysts around the world.

The interactive modules are self-paced and help you to “learn by doing” – for example, by completing tasks in a simulated investigation. After successfully completing a course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Want to know more about eLearning? Read this quick guide to eLearning for asset tracing and financial analysis by Peter Huppertz, who leads the Basel Institute’s IT and eLearning development.

Practical guides and guidelines

Other free learning resources on Basel LEARN include:

Instructor-led training

The user-friendly platform is also used for virtual delivery of instructor-led training courses for specific groups. This includes:

  • Our flagship ICAR training programmes for government agencies in partner countries when on-site delivery is not possible.
  • Elements of “blended” ICAR training programmes that combine eLearning courses with on-site sessions.
  • Our virtual four-day Cryptocurrencies and Anti-Money Laundering Compliance training courses. These open courses teach the fundamental skills needed to prevent, detect and investigate the use of cryptocurrencies for illicit activities. They are open to registration by practitioners in a wide range of law enforcement, financial and business sectors. Registration fees are very reasonable; public, non-profit and other categories are eligible for a discount.