We partner with leading public and private institutions engaged in promoting good governance and countering corruption.

These partnerships are essential to the success of our programmes around the world, because we all bring different perspectives and operational approaches to the table. We are convinced that working together gives us more strength, individually and collectively.

Key partnerships

We maintain formal partnership and collaboration agreements with like-minded and relevant institutions, including:

In the context of our support to partner countries on specific asset recovery and related case work (provided through the International Centre for Asset Recovery), we also signed a number of general cooperation agreements and case consultancy agreements with national anti-corruption and related authorities in these partner countries. 


We are proud to act as the Secretariat for:

The International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators

The International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators is an independent centre of excellence comprising leading academic and litigation professionals. The purpose of The Academy is to sharpen litigation skills and share research, experience and global best practices in cases of asset recovery and white-collar crime.

Ethics and Compliance Switzerland

Ethics and Compliance Switzerland is an independent not-for-profit organisation that promotes the development of a compliance community across all sectors and organisations in Switzerland and the establishment and sharing of compliance best practices.

Metals Technology Initiative (MTI)

MTI is an anti-corruption Collective Action initiative of four leading firms in the metals technology industry. The members meet to exchange best practices and knowledge in anti-corruption compliance and fair competition, and have developed voluntary guidelines on such topics for their industry.