Este breve relatório resume as principais recomendações da Conferência de Lisboa sobre o potencial do confisco civil para recuperar bens ilícitos, que teve lugar em Lisboa, Portugal, em 5-7 de Julho de 2022. A conferência reuniu representantes de alto nível de Angola, Cabo Verde, Moçambique e Timor-Leste, juntamente com peritos internacionais.

As recomendações incluem:

This short report summarises key recommendations from the Lisbon Conference on non-conviction based forfeiture (NCBF) as a tool for asset recovery, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal on 5–7 July 2022. The conference gathered high-level representatives from Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Timor-Leste, together with international experts.

The recommendations include:

The so-called “tuna bond” corruption scandal in Mozambique has drawn international attention. Twenty people are facing corruption and money laundering charges in the country. Swiss bank Credit Suisse has agreed to pay USD 475 million in fines and write off USD 200 million in debt owed by Mozambique as part of a series of settlements with regulators in the US, UK and Switzerland for its role in the affair.

Thirty-three prosecutors, 22 judges and 22 investigators from across Mozambique’s 11 provinces have completed a series of intensive training courses on anti-corruption and asset recovery.

Delivered by the Mozambique team of our International Centre for Asset Recovery, the training sessions took place over three weeks from 17 August to 4 September. Investigators from SERNIC, Mozambique’s National Criminal Investigation Service, joined prosecutors from the Prosecutor General’s Office and judges from across the country.

This week, our team in Mozambique has started a series of virtual training courses for prosecutors, investigators and judges across 11 provinces. Getting to this point has been quite a challenge, as Senior Asset Recovery Specialist Margarida Bandeira de Lima explains below. It shows the vital importance of basic technology in enabling public officials responsible for fighting corruption to do their jobs.

In her Annual Report presentation to the Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique broadcast on national television, the Attorney General of Mozambique, Beatriz Buchili, emphasised the need for approval of a new Asset Recovery Bill.

This important law will provide Mozambique with more effective ways to recover stolen assets. It also establishes the new Mozambican Asset Recovery Office and Asset Management Office.