TEİD has advocated for the ethics and compliance function as a recognised profession and has prepared the profession profile and description with the related authority, the Turkish Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA). The official national “Ethics and Compliance Manager” occupational standard (level 6) has been acknowledged and published on the Official Gazette on June 2018. 

The initiative, locally named “Jornada Íntegra”, seeks to build capacity in the country's private sector, with the support of other peers, whose experiences may act as a stimulus for the positive replication of the contribution that integrity brings to business.

The Jornada will take place in ten steps over a year. As a starting point, participants shall choose one of four main business objectives that they seek to achieve upon completion of the programme.

The project seeks to develop a compliance education program for college students and professionals. Furthermore, group work on compliance R & D and annual meetings for Collective Action will be launched as one aspect of the project.

The project will be divided in two parts.

IACA will train and educate participants in its academic degree programmes, Summer Academy trainings at IACA, Regional Summer Academy (RSA) and Regional Alumni Conference. Students and participants will be provided with a neutral platform for learning with innovative curricula in a unique, international, interdisciplinary, and inter-sectoral setting.

The main purpose of this project is to improve the ease of doing business in Mozambique by reducing corruption and broadening ethics management capacity, thus advancing organisational integrity.

It is envisaged that interventions based on a Collective Action approach and strengthening business integrity capacity will contribute to reducing corruption in business activities, resulting in enhanced business practices in Mozambique.