Training programmes

Through customised and interactive training courses, ICAR's expert training team helps practitioners in partner countries develop the skills to investigate and prosecute financial crime and recover stolen assets. 

Over 4,000 practitioners from FIUs, law enforcement, prosecuting and judicial authorities in more than 40 developing and transition countries have benefited from ICAR workshops over the last 14 years.

ICAR’s unique training concept is based around:

  • Hands-on exercises and interactive group tasks 
  • Practical tools and skills you can use straight away
  • Country-specific course material for maximum relevance
  • Fully adapted to the local context, laws and institutions
  • Fast and fun: gain advanced skills in just a few days
  • Learn to use the latest technologies

Participants work together on real-life tasks, such as “following the trail of the money” and gathering and preparing evidence in simulated investigations. This group dynamic helps facilitate inter-agency cooperation.

Thierry Ravalomanda

Head of Training ICAR
+41 61 205 55 11

Tailored training for partner institutions

ICAR’s training courses are developed at the request of partner agencies. They are customised to the local and institutional frameworks, as well as the needs of participating agencies. The target audience of ICAR training courses is practitioners from developing and transition countries; requests from more advanced jurisdictions can occasionally be accepted on a fee basis and subject to availability.

We do not offer courses for individuals. If you are an individual looking to develop your skills in asset recovery, financial investigation and related topics, feel free to take one of our eLearning courses.

Our programmes feature intensive, hands-on group work and are designed to be delivered in person. However, we are open to discussing virtual delivery of training programmes whenever it makes sense to do so. 

Browse our current courses below or download our latest training brochure (last updated July 2023):

ICAR Training Brochure 2023 EN

2023 training brochure


Current programmes at a glance

For full information, please download one of the brochures linked above.

Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery

How to use criminal investigative techniques to gather evidence in order to prove different elements of a money laundering and corruption violation and direct an asset recovery action.

This is our signature training workshop, laying the foundations for other courses.

Corruption in Infrastructure Projects and Procurement

How to recognise and investigate potential corruption schemes and fraud in public procurement and infrastructure projects.

Offshore Structures and Mutual Legal Assistance

How to navigate the world of offshore banking/legal structures in order to understand how corporate structures can be misused to conceal beneficial ownership.

This course also covers how to make a successful request for Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA).

Money Laundering Using Cryptocurrency

How to detect, investigate and counter criminal use of cryptocurrencies to launder the proceeds of crime, and trace and recover cryptocurrencies.

Interviewing Skills for Financial Investigators

How to plan and conduct interviews to obtain more detailed and accurate financial information from suspects, witnesses and victims.

Non-Conviction Based Forfeiture

This novel training programme focuses on the use of judicial procedures to forfeit or confiscate criminal assets without the need for a specific criminal conviction.

Advanced Operational Analysis

How to conduct complex operational analysis, from receipt of a suspicious transaction activity or report to dissemination of the analysis to law enforcement authorities.

Train-the-Trainer (TTT)

A series of four training workshops designed to develop 4–5 candidates as Certified Trainers in the Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery programme.

Regional Training

Enhancing the technical skills and cross-border cooperation of regional authorities to better handle concrete money laundering and corruption cases.

Training team

Our ICAR training team consists of international money laundering and asset recovery specialists, including former prosecutors and investigators with in-depth knowledge and long-standing practical experience. With our assistance and mentorship, participants are taken through complex, simulated investigations with their maze of financial transactions. 

Our exposure to the laws, legal systems and practices of more than 30 countries where we have worked, enables us to share not only international best practice but also country-specific information.

Thierry Ravalomanda

Head of Training ICAR
+41 61 205 55 11

Phyllis Atkinson

Senior Asset Recovery Advisor, ICAR Training
+41 61 205 55 11

Emmanuel Mringo

Asset Recovery Specialist

James Oluka

Training Support Associate ICAR

Federico Paesano

Senior Financial Investigation Specialist
+41 79 601 95 69

Tom Walugembe

Asset Recovery Specialist
+41 61 205 55 11


"Working together towards a common enemy" – a testimonial by Malawian trainee Martin Chipofya, as published in our 2019 Annual Report.
-Inter-agency relations

“The practical exercise of the realistic case was brilliantly prepared, which helped to understand the issues with ease.”
-Real-life simulations

“The trainers did a good job in understanding our local legislations and using them to make the training relevant to our circumstances.”
-Country-specific courses

“We were very impressed with the trainers for their extensive knowledge and for the amount of research, preparation and effort they had put in to ensure the success of the workshop.“
-Experienced trainers

“Trainers clearly and concisely opened our minds to international developments in anti-corruption and anti-money laundering, which we hope to utilise to improve our output in terms of quality and effectiveness.”
-Based on international best practice

“For the first time, we brought together the agencies to build a clear understanding of each other and to work together in fighting the ever challenging crime of corruption and associated offences.”
-Boosting collaboration

“Your training in ‘investigation in infrastructure and procurement’ not only inserted knowledge among investigators but also changed our investigation approach and investigation report format… [it reduced] wastage of time and resources….as we were looking a lot of unnecessary evidence.”
-Focus on efficiency

“You inspired me to take on training and I am getting better by the day. This week, I was contracted by the UNCAC to conduct a training for the CEOs of their regional organisations. I received very positive feedback at the end of the training."
-Train-the-trainer programme