Integrity Process: Good Business for your Company

The initiative, locally named “Jornada Íntegra”, seeks to build capacity in the country's private sector, with the support of other peers, whose experiences may act as a stimulus for the positive replication of the contribution that integrity brings to business.

The Jornada will take place in ten steps over a year. As a starting point, participants shall choose one of four main business objectives that they seek to achieve upon completion of the programme.

Afterwards, they will have to fulfil several steps to complete the process, such as participation in webinars, events and trainings.

For each of the objectives, the participants will also be able to count on the mentoring of a group of experts who have marked their commitment to the Jornada.

Cross Sector
Alliance for Integrity, implemented by the GIZ

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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