A race against time: Europol – Basel Institute on Governance recommendations on preventing and combating the criminal use of cryptocurrencies

These recommendations follow the 7th Global Conference on Criminal Finances and Cryptocurrencies on 26–27 October 2023. The conference was co-organised by Europol and the Basel Institute on Governance and took place in hybrid format at Europol’s headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands. 

The five recommendations highlight the need for accelerated action in order to combat the use of crypto assets, as well the allocation of more resources, better training and better collaboration.

They are to: 

  1. Accelerate innovation for investigative and monitoring tools 
  2. Boost enforcement capacity and training
  3. Reorganise to foster collaboration and prioritisation 
  4. Engage proactively in multi-sector collaborations  
  5. Consider the whole chain, from prevention to facilitators 

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