Illicit Enrichment by Andrew Dornbierer provides a comprehensive guide to illicit enrichment laws and their application to target unexplained wealth and recover proceeds of corruption and other crimes. The book covers both criminal and civil-based laws from around the world.

Investigators, prosecutors, legislators and academics alike will benefit from the clear descriptions and practical guidance on different approaches to targeting unexplainable increases in wealth, how to establish cases in court, and common legal challenges to illicit enrichment laws.

The crypto industry has exploded in recent years, and authorities in different countries have been reacting in very different ways. Some have banned cryptocurrencies, while others are embracing them to varying degrees. Some are working hard to align their anti-money laundering regulations with FATF standards, while others are turning a blind eye. A few countries have confiscated huge quantities of crypto assets linked to crime and money laundering.

Enrichissement illicite fournit un guide complet des lois sur l'enrichissement illicite et de leur application pour poursuivre les actifs inexpliqués et récupérer les produits de la corruption et d'autres crimes. Le livre, qui est disponible gratuitement, couvre les lois pénales et civiles du monde entier.

We are delighted to have signed a case consultancy agreement with the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC).

The agreement enables our International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) and FICAC to cooperate to strengthen the agency’s capacity to identify and recover assets obtained through corruption.

FICAC is Fiji's mandated law enforcement agency to investigate and prosecute corruption, as well as educate society on understanding and reporting corruption. The agency is celebrating its 15th year.

An eight-month training programme for senior leaders of Tanzania and Zanzibar's anti-corruption and economic crimes authorities concluded last week, in the presence of Minister Haroun Ali Suleiman (Zanzibar’s Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs) and Didier Chassot (Switzerland’s Ambassador to Tanzania).