The Reducing Opportunities for Unlawful Transport of Endangered Species Partnership (ROUTES Partnership), brings together transport and logistics companies, government agencies, development groups, law enforcement, conservation organisations, academia and donors.

The aim is to collectively develop ways to disrupt wildlife trafficking activities by reducing the use of legal transportation supply chains.

ROUTES is one of several industry-focused initiatives coordinated and supported by TRAFFIC.


Open Ownership

OpenOwnership's central goal is to build an open Global Beneficial Ownership Register which will serve as an authoritative source of data about who owns companies, for the benefit of all.

OpenOwnership will collect and link together beneficial ownership data sets from across the world as well as self-disclosed corporate data to enable companies and investors to more easily see who they are really doing business with. It will provide an opportunity for companies to distinguish themselves as leaders in transparency and openness by disclosing their own ownership on the platform.

The online ownership transparency platform provides a clear framework for companies wishing to commit to achieving ownership transparency. Primary users of the platform include a mix of SMEs, multinational businesses and civil society. The majority of commitments come from SMEs, often with a tech focus. The goals are to:

This Collective Action initiative aims to support companies in the Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP) to work collectively to proactively manage risks, promote integrity and safeguard their businesses, through a shared commitment to business ethics.

This initiative brings together companies to promote transparency and integrity through the signing of an agreement and provides a space for companies to report on the actions that they undertake to address corruption risks. It features three main components:

The project aimed to prevent corruption and create fair market conditions in Spain by improving corporate governance in the private sector and enhancing transparency in public services and procurement. The impact of this project was an improvement in quality of the corporate governance system. Throughout implementation, the project examined: