Implementation of a systematic, structured and effective policy of improving business integrity and developing corporate governance in Kazakstan according to OECD standards

The Project activities are aimed at achieving 2 objectives:

  1. Creating an enabling favourable legal environment and implementing international anti-corruption obligations by encouraging the Government to incorporate international anti-corruption standards into the laws of Kazakhstan by amending certain provisions of its anti-corruption legislation.
  2. Promoting international anti- corruption standards and clean business practices in corporate and academic circles by bringing draft amendments before the Government to introduce additional legislative requirements for companies to develop, adopt and implement anti-corruption standards and internal control, ethics and compliance systems.

Representatives of the private sector, public administration, academia and students will be trained through online and offline project training.

Findings made as a result of diagnostics and OECD reporting will be used for promotional materials on the implementation of anti-corruption standards in business, the development of culture of integrity, ethics and compliance in business.

Cross Sector
Kazakhstan Bar Association

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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