Implementing and evaluating corporate integrity policies in the Spanish private sector: A holistic approach

The project aimed to prevent corruption and create fair market conditions in Spain by improving corporate governance in the private sector and enhancing transparency in public services and procurement. The impact of this project was an improvement in quality of the corporate governance system. Throughout implementation, the project examined:

  • Improving corporate governance in target companies, through the design and implementation of a Compliance and Ethics Program, including a model report, based on the obligations and recommendations set out in Spanish and international legislation and best practices.
  • Promoting integrity in public contracting through ‘integrity pacts’ as a way to prevent corruption and increase transparency in public procurement, starting with a pilot project relating to certain public tenders.
  • Fostering transparency in the delivery and management of contracted public services through the promotion and monitoring of Spain's Transparency Law

As a result, the Compliance Guide was implemented by several companies and the public institutions involved in Integrity Pacts are interested in continuing with this instrument to improve integrity in public procurement.

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Transparency International Spain

Last updated: 13.05.2020

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