This two-page compilation of suggestions and recommendations was prepared by a group of B20 Integrity & Compliance Task Force members in 2024.

The document aims to support the incoming G20 and B20 presidencies with some ideas and suggestions. Some of these are specific to the B20 Integrity & Compliance Task Force, while others may be applicable to other B20 Taskforces or the B20 more widely. 

The Presidency of the G20 rotates each year between member countries, as does the leadership of the B20 – the G20’s voice of business.

The key issue of tackling corruption is picked up almost every year, but not always in the same way or using the same format. This can make it challenging to find historical information including past anti-corruption commitments and related recommendations.

At a high-level B20 panel on “Enhancing Integrity for Responsible and Inclusive Growth” on 24 August, Gemma Aiolfi, the Basel Institute’s Head of Compliance, Corporate Governance and Collective Action, discussed how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been forced to focus on survival in recent months.