La recuperación de los activos Venezolanos en Suiza

In this chapter of a report by Transparencia Venezuela, Estrategias jurídicas para la recuperación de activos venezolanos producto de la corrupción ("Legal strategies for recovering Venezuelan assets that are the proceeds of corruption"), Oscar Solórzano and Stefan Mbiyavanga devise asset recovery strategies in Swiss law from a practical angle. They also identify the most important authorities in all four phases of the asset recovery process: identification, seizure, confiscation and restitution. 

The aim of the report is to gather perspectives from asset recovery experts in the US, Spain and Switzerland that could serve Venezuelan authorities once their country has undergone a democratic transition.

Although the report is principally conceived for the particular case of Venezuela, most of the insights are also useful for authorities and practitioners in other countries looking to recover assets in Switzerland.

The chapter is on pp 73-107 of the full report and is in Spanish only.

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