CoSP 10: Conference of the States Parties to the UNCAC

A Basel Institute delegation is at the 10th Conference of the States Parties (CoSP) to the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) this year. CoSP10 takes place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 11–15 December 2023.

Come and find us at our info booth on the third floor, where we'll have staff to answer your questions and free publications and tote bags to take away.

We are involved in several special events, including those below. The agenda is still being firmed up – check back or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook for updates. 

Monday 11 December, 14:00: Special Event on Combating Corruption to Protect the Environment

Gretta Fenner, Managing Director, moderated this high-level event on environmental corruption featuring:

  • Taneti Maamau, President of Kiribati
  • Dominique Hasler, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Sport, Liechtenstein
  • Yvonne Dausab, Minister of Justice, Namibia
  • Maggie Nardi, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, INL Bureau, U.S. Department of State
  • Ghada Waly, Executive Director, UNODC
  • Francine Pickup, Deputy Assistant Administrator, UNDP
  • Paula Francisco Coelho, Secretary of State for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Angola 

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Monday 11 December, 16:00: Collective Action Approach to Drive Impact across the 2030 Agenda

Gretta Fenner moderated this session during the Private Sector Forum "Uniting Leaders for Business Integrity" organised on the margins of CoSP 10 by UNODC and the UN Global Compact.

Tuesday 12 December, 16:15: Righting the Wrong: Tools for Asset Recovery in Global Corruption Cases (Room A411–412)

Gretta Fenner moderated this session during the StAR Initiative Asset Recovery Day, which asks: How can enforcement of global corruption cases, including sanctions, strengthen the fight against corruption and enhance asset recovery? This session explored:

  • legal avenues to recover, assess, and compensate for damages arising out of transnational bribery cases;
  • how anti-corruption sanctions can be part of an asset recovery strategy.


  • Sarah Zelkha, UK Home Office
  • Sam Hickey, London School of Economics
  • Elena Varta, Centre for Policies and Reforms, Moldova
  • Maria Nizzero, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

The event is co-organised by the StAR Initiative, United Kingdom, Basel Institute on Governance, OECD, Civil Forum for Asset Recovery and RUSI.

View the StAR Day agenda 

Wednesday 13 December, 13:00: Ukraine Integrity Ecosystem: War and Post-War Recovery (Room A305)

Juhani Grossmann, Green Corruption Team Leader and Senior Advisor for Central and Eastern Europe, will speak at this event about the integrity ecosystem in Ukraine in the context of both the war and post-war recovery. Topics include:

  • Integrity ecosystem for preventing and managing global crises
  • How to build integrity through digitalisation
  • Ensuring transparency with monitoring and data analysis
  • The role of civil society during recovery process
  • Ways to efficiently manage financial resources within the context of integrity-building 


  • Oleksandr Novikov, Head of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention
  • Anastasia Radina, Member of Parliament, Ukraine
  • Victor Liakh, President of the East Europe Foundation 
  • Tetiana Khutor, Head of the Institute of Legislative Ideas
  • Kateryna Ryzhenko, Deputy Executive Director for Legal Affairs, Transparency International Ukraine
  • Juhani Grossmann, Senior Advisor for Central and Eastern Europe, Basel Institute on Governance

The event is organised by Ukraine's National Agency on Corruption Prevention and Transparency International Ukraine, together with the East Europe Foundation, Tapas Project, Institute of Legislative Ideas, Basel Institute on Governance and UNODC. 

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Wednesday 13 December, 14:00: Lessons Learned in Fighting Environmental Corruption (Room A302)

Led by our Green Corruption team, this event will stake stock of progress in fighting the corruption that drives environmental degradation and the climate crisis. Specifically, the panellists will look at activities that support the resolution adopted at the 8th CoSP on "Preventing and combating corruption as it relates to crimes that have an impact on the environment" (Resolution 8/12).

It is part of a series of special events on environmental corruption taking place on Wednesday 13 December from 08:00–10:00 and 13:00–15:00.

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Wednesday 13 December, 17:50–18:30: International Cooperation – From Policy to Practice (Room A305)

This special event of the GlobE Network, Basel Institute on Governance and Independent Commission Against Corruption (Hong Kong) will explore "our common endeavours to strengthen international cooperation under the UNGASS Political Declaration". 

Gretta Fenner will speak about challenges in international cooperation to recover stolen assets. 

Thursday 14 December, 14:00: Financial Investigation: A Powerful Tool to Prevent Corruption (Room A311)

Gretta Fenner will speak at this Special Event on the challenges and opportunities of using financial investigations as a tool to prevent corruption.

The round table event is organised and moderated by UNODC Corruption and Economic Crime branch.

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Basel Institute at the CoSP10
Start date
11 December 2023
End date
15 December 2023