CoSP 10 events on environmental corruption

This year's Conference of the States Parties to the UNCAC (CoSP10) is hosting a series of events on environmental corruption as part of a collaboration between several organisations, including the Basel Institute.

The aim is to explore the role of corruption in crimes that affect the environment and the consequences. 

These events are freely open to virtual participation via Zoom, as well as in-person participation from CoSP delegates.

Monday 11 December: High-Level Event on Combating Corruption to Protect the Environment (Room A305)

Gretta Fenner, Managing Director, will moderate this high-level event at 14:00 EST. Panelists from seven countries and organisations will address topics including:

  • What is the impact of corruption in undermining the ability to address crimes that affect the environment, climate change and challenges related to clean energy and green transitions? 
  • How does corruption degrade nature and resources that contribute to efforts to conserve biodiversity, address nature crimes, respond to climate change, and facilitate clean energy and green transitions? 
  • What are challenges in addressing this corruption? 
  • Why do responses to address these challenges need to be global and involve multi-stakeholders? 
  • What are some proposed solutions?


  • Taneti Maamau, President of Kiribati
  • Dominique Hasler, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Sport, Liechtenstein
  • Yvonne Dausab, Minister of Justice, Namibia
  • Maggie Nardi, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, INL Bureau, U.S. Department of State
  • Ghada Waly, Executive Director, UNODC
  • Francine Pickup, Deputy Assistant Administrator, UNDP
  • Paula Francisco Coelho, Secretary of State for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Angola 

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Wednesday 13 December: Action Now: Combating Corruption to Protect the Environment (Room A302)

A series of special events on environmental corruption taking place on Wednesday 13 December from 08:00–09:50 and 13:00–14:50 EST.

Look out in particular for an event on "Good Practices and Opportunities" organised by our Green Corruption team at 14:00 on Wednesday, 13 December. The session will take stock of progress in fighting the corruption that drives environmental degradation and the climate crisis. Specifically, the panellists will look at activities that support the resolution adopted at the 8th CoSP on "Preventing and combating corruption as it relates to crimes that have an impact on the environment" (Resolution 8/12). Read the Working Paper "Seedlings of hope" in preparation.

Confirmed speakers are:

  • Oleksandr Novikov, Head, National Agency for Corruption Prevention, Ukraine
  • Juhani Grossmann, Team Leader, Green Corruption programme, Basel Institute on Governance
  • Corinna Gilfillan, Working Group on Environmental Crime and Corruption, UNCAC Coalition
  • Alexandra Habershon, Program Manager and Global Lead for Anticorruption, Governance Global Practice, World Bank

The moderator is Martina Aerne, Senior Intelligence Analyst, Environmental Investigation Agency.

Special events on combating corruption environmen
Start date
11 December 2023
End date
13 December 2023