Climate Finance working group meeting: maladaptation - when climate finance backfires

As the climate crisis worsens, it is imperative to consider the barriers to climate finance effectiveness and the links between climate change and corruption.

We recently interviewed Brice Böhmer, Climate and Environment Director, Transparency International, on how to improve climate governance and manage corruption risks in climate finance. We are now pleased to announce the first meeting of the Working Group on Corruption in Climate Finance led by Brice, Transparency International and the Green Climate Fund.

The meeting will discuss the framework of the working group and the crucial topic of "maladaptation" - when climate finance backfires.

The speakers for the first meeting are:

  • Brice Böhmer, Climate and Environment Director, Transparency International
  • Sanjeev Narrainen, Integrity and Compliance Manager, Green Climate Fund
  • Karen Ernst, Head Independent Integrity Unit, Green Climate Fund
  • Zakir Hossain Khan, Chief Executive, Change Initiative

Join us as we explore, in discussion with you, the challenges of climate finance, what has been learned, and what is needed going forward. 


September 27
Start date
27 September 2023
End date
27 September 2023