03. March 2022

Supporting Fiji’s efforts to fight corruption and recover illicit assets

FICAC-Basel Institute signing ceremony

We are delighted to have signed a case consultancy agreement with the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC).

The agreement enables our International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) and FICAC to cooperate to strengthen the agency’s capacity to identify and recover assets obtained through corruption.

FICAC is Fiji's mandated law enforcement agency to investigate and prosecute corruption, as well as educate society on understanding and reporting corruption. The agency is celebrating its 15th year.

Our ICAR team will in particular provide advice on the effective implementation of Fiji’s illicit enrichment legislation. This draws on our publication last year of an open-access book Illicit Enrichment: A Guide to Laws Targeting Unexplained Wealth, which brings together cutting-edge debates and jurisprudence on illicit enrichment laws around the world.

Maximising Fiji’s potential to recover assets and fight corruption

The virtual signing ceremony was attended by FICAC’s Deputy Commissioner Rashmi Aslam and Chief Investigator Frank Tora, and by the Basel Institute’s Managing Director Gretta Fenner and Senior Asset Recovery Specialist Andrew Dornbierer.

Gretta Fenner commented:

“The Basel Institute is very much looking forward to working with FICAC to strengthen their capacity to trace and recover assets stolen through corruption, in particular where they have been hidden abroad. Fiji is considered an economic hub of the Pacific region, and we believe there is great potential in this new collaboration to strengthen the regional and global fight against corruption.”

Rashmi Aslam said:

“In Fiji, right now we are at a juncture where we are investigating more multi-jurisdictional cases with higher financial values involved. We have realised that we need support and assistance from stakeholders such as the Basel Institute and its International Centre for Asset Recovery.”

Mr. Aslam stated that the Commission looks forward to maximising this newly created partnership with Basel Institute not only for its reactive functions but also for its proactive functions in areas such as policy matters.

“It is an important juncture, not only for FICAC but for Fiji as well because we are one of the key stakeholders in the criminal justice system in Fiji," said Mr. Aslam.

Through the partnership, the Commission aims to improve its delivery to the criminal justice system and obtain better results.