01. October 2017

Experts finalise research study on understanding how endemic corruption works in East Africa

Researchers at the Basel Institute have finalised their study on “Corruption, Social Norms and Behaviours in East Africa”. Funded by DFID’s East Africa Research Fund and headed by Dr Claudia Baez Camargo from the Basel Institute, this research project was launched in January 2016. 

Since then, the Basel research team has been working closely with a number of East African researchers to investigate the behavioural factors driving attitudes towards petty corruption among citizens in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Earlier this year in May, the researchers had already completed an important milestone of the project, by publishing a systematic literature review on the topic. 

During the month of July, the researchers organised a series of consultation workshops in Dar es Salaam, Kampala, and Kigali to present the project findings and solicit feedback from major national stakeholders. The workshops were well received and attended by representatives from the case study countries' anti-corruption authorities as well as the local donor community, civil society and academics. Their feedback was used to finalise the project deliverables consisting of research reports and policy briefs for each of the three countries as well as a comparative analysis distilling major findings and policy implications of the study.

All reports will be published online on our website in the Fall 2017.