29. March 2015

European Commission approves the Basel Institute's country reports on ethnographic study of corruption in Mexico and Tanzania as part of the publication objectives of the ANTICORRP research consortium

The Basel Institute’s contribution to the EU-funded ANTICORRP research consortium through the Work Package “The ethnographic study of corruption” (WP4) has come to a close with the acceptance by the European Commission of the second set of publications emanating from this research effort.

The contribution of the WP4 consisted in bringing in detailed insights of how corruption is experienced across a broad range of regional and socio-cultural contexts with the view of incorporating local detail and variations to the development of innovative methodologies and strategies to address corruption risks. The Institute’s contribution consisted of case studies from Mexico and Tanzania.

The complete collection of essays stemming from WP4, as well as the outputs from other ANTICORRP work streams, may be downloaded here.