18. June 2024

Continuing education for professionals: help us to meet your needs!

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Professionals in anti-corruption, asset recovery, business integrity, governance and related topics need a range of advanced competencies – to master the intricacies of financial investigations, for example, or hone analytical and research capabilities.

At the Basel Institute, we know that much valuable expertise is gained “on the job” through training, mentoring and hands-on experience. Our existing learning opportunities meet these needs and empower communities of international professionals.

With advanced continuing education opportunities, we want to take learning and skills development to the next level. And in doing so, help new generations of professionals to enhance their competencies and careers.

What are your continuing education needs?

What kind of learning opportunities are we talking about? Jörg Schmidt, the Basel Institute's Senior Specialist for Continuing Education, says:

"At the Basel Institute, we would like to define continuing education in the broadest sense as ongoing learning activities that empower professionals by allowing them to enhance their skills and knowledge."

We would love your support and involvement in shaping our continuing education offerings as they evolve. Please share your ideas in our survey.

Don't "do" surveys? Contact Jörg directly with your ideas and feedback.

Existing learning opportunities

Our planned continuing education offerings build on the Basel Institute’s efforts over two decades to empower practitioners in the fight against financial crime through training, learning and skills development including:

Our approach draws on the hands-on experience of our global expert networks, spanning the fields of anti-corruption, asset recovery and business integrity. We seek to balance academic rigour and practical applicability.

Based on our experience, we favour tech-driven, blended learning approaches with opportunities for in-person connections and peer learning.

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