03. December 2018

Closer cooperation between Basel Institute and Ecuador's Financial and Economic Analysis Unit

The Basel Institute on Governance and Ecuador's Financial and Economic Analysis Unit (Unidad de Análisis Financiero y Económico, UAFE) have signed a Case Consultancy Agreement. The agreement, signed on 29 November during the Basel Institute's third mission to Quito, sets out general lines of mutual cooperation in areas related to the fight against corruption, money laundering and other financial crimes.

Oscar Solórzano, Senior Asset Recovery Specialist and Manager of the Basel Institute's Peru country office, and Diana Cordero, Asset Recovery Specialist, took part in the two-day mission. In addition to signing the agreement, activities included a workshop with the StAR initiative, discussions with high-ranking officials from the Attorney General's Office and a workshop on International Judicial Cooperation with particular reference to the Odebrecht case.

A similar agreement was signed in March 2018 with Ecuador's Office of the Attorney General.

The Basel Institute's experts in Peru look forward to working with UAFE on capacity-building programmes and technical assistance for asset recovery in the near future.