06. September 2022

Basel AML Index launches API for easier integration into compliance and risk management systems

Basel AML Index Expert Edition mockup

Companies and financial institutions around the world use the Expert Edition of the Basel AML Index to help evaluate money laundering/terrorist financing risks at the country level.

Smaller companies tend to use the Basel AML Index as a standalone geographic risk evaluation solution, as the dashboard enables quick access to 17 key indicators of money laundering/terrorist financing risk for 203 jurisdictions. Others apply it as an independent benchmarking tool to validate in-house risk assessments.

A new API now makes it easier to integrate Basel AML Index data automatically into in-house compliance and risk evaluation systems.

17 indicators of money laundering risk, sanctions and blacklists

The Basel AML Index API (application programming interface) allows computer systems to request and consume all data available in the Expert Edition in an automated way.

The data covers 17 indicators of money laundering and terrorist financing risk, including:

  • Financial Action Task Force: country score based on Mutual Evaluation/Follow Up Reports
  • Tax Justice Network: Financial Secrecy Index
  • Transparency International: Corruption Perceptions Index
  • TRACE: Bribery Risk Matrix
  • Indicators of risks relating to narcotics and human trafficking from the US State Department
  • Other indicators of financial and public transparency and political/legal risks from the World Bank, World Economic Forum and other reliable sources

An 18th indicator on environmental crime will be added at the end of September.

The Expert Edition also highlights sanctions and other lists relevant to evaluating a country’s money laundering and terrorist financing risk, including those issued by the FATF, UN Security Council, US Office of Foreign Assets Control and European Union.

How to get the API

The API is available to existing Basel AML Index users for an extra fee, depending on the use case.

The API is based on the REST standard and delivers the data in JSON format. Requests will be granted on the basis of an individual API key that is connected to the user’s profile.

For more information, please contact index@baselgovernance.org.