This 20-minute course on Collective Action, developed by the United Nations Global Compact, offers a basic introduction and some initial ideas on how to get started. 

Course description

Joining efforts through anti-corruption Collective Action initiatives is a powerful way to level the playing field through the creation of fair and honest market conditions for all.


The governance of corruption is increasingly important in a global business environment involving ever more frequent transactions across diverse institutional contexts. Previous scholarship has theorized a fundamental tension between the enforcement of organizational compliance and the achievement of social ends, finding that efforts to remedy policy-practice decoupling in the governance of corruption and other complex global issues can exacerbate means-ends decoupling.

The Basel Institute on Governance is delighted to have been selected by the B20 India as a Network and Knowledge Partner.

For the 12th consecutive year, the Basel Institute on Governance will bring its expertise in Collective Action, integrity and anti-corruption compliance to support the B20 process in shaping an impactful and business-oriented response.

Infrastructure is vital for supporting economic growth, enhancing prosperity and well-being. G7 nations and other partnerships have committed to quality and sustainable infrastructure investments based on high standards and shared values to mobilise public and private investment. Unfortunately, infrastructure remains highly exposed to corruption and other irregular practices, and lacks sufficient accountability.

"Anti-corruption compliance and integrity management in high-risk countries" presents the study results of the research project of the same name at the Konstanz Institute for Corporate Governance (KICG).

The research project, funded by the KBA-NotaSys Integrity Fund, aimed to support in particular SMEs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in their internationalisation projects in growth countries by analysing the challenges of compliance with rules and ethical behaviour in high-risk regions and developing solution strategies and management instruments.

At the 2022 B20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, political and business leaders repeatedly emphasised the imperative for all sectors of society to work together to address problems that affect us all. Chief among those problems are corruption and unfair business practices, which stand in the way of achieving a strong pandemic recovery and each and every of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).