What is the future of Collective Action?


Will Collective Action become a global norm in the fight against corruption? What are the big trends in anti-corruption initiatives? Leading academics, lawyers and NGO representatives offer their visions of the future of Collective Action against corruption.

Featuring: Gretta Fenner (Basel Institute on Governance), Kevin Abikoff (Hughes, Hubbard & Reed, Robin Hodess (The B Team), Stephen Zimmerman (World Bank), Gemma Aiolfi (Basel Institute on Governance), Erica Pedruzzi (Universidad de San Andrés), Susanne Friedrich (Alliance for Integrity) and Mark Pieth (Basel Institute on Governance).

Filmed at the International Centre of Collective Action Conference 2018. The conference was held by the Basel Institute on Governance with support from the Siemens Integrity Initiative, KPMG and Hughes, Hubbard & Reed.

Subtitles and transcripts are available in English, German, Spanish and French.

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