Siemens Integrity Initiative Annual Report 2017

This Siemens Integrity Initiative Annual Report 2016 gives an overview of Collective Action activities at Siemens in general as well as activities as part of the USD 100 million Siemens Integrity Initiative in particular.

It contains details of the Collective Action Initiatives selected in the Siemens Integrity Initiative Second Funding Round:

  • Implementing integrity practices in GCC private and public businesses
  • Promoting Collective Action through UN Global Compact Local Networks project
  • Project for the UN Global Compact and PRME: Sensitizing Future Business Leaders: Developing Anti-Corruption Guidelines for Curriculum Change
  • Towards a culture of anti-corruption compliance in Argentina: reorientation of incentives through Collective Action
  • Enhancing Business Integrity in the MENA Region
  • Sustainable Procurement - Protecting the Green Sector Market from Corruption and Fraud
  • Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries (ACIAC)
  • Outreach and Communication Program for the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)
  • The 6 P's: Public-Private Partnership for Probity in Public Procurement
  • Collective Action for fighting corruption in Mozambique
  • Collective Action initiative for fighting corruption in Gauteng Province
  • Center of Excellence for Strengthening Transparency and Ethics in Business: Scaling Up the Collective Action agenda in India
  • Center for Business Ethics (CBE)
  • Promotion and Adoption of Responsible Business Practices in India
  • Conference Vetting System
  • Developing a corporate anti-corruption ecosystem in Egypt
  • Fair Player Club
  • Business Integrity in Morocco: Creating an alliance between private sector and government
  • OECD Russia Corporate Governance Roundtable
  • African Lawyers Initiative on compliance in business relations
  • MedKompas Poland II
  • Collective Action for Clean Business
  • Implementing and evaluating corporate integrity policies in the Spanish private sector: A holistic approach
  • Healthcare Integrity Action
  • Tax and Good Governance Project
  • Anti-Corruption and Integrity in the Arab Countries - Phase II - Iraq and Libya
  • Professorship on Collective Action, compliance and (private sector) anti-corruption & grants for IACA participants from Least Developed Countries and Emerging Markets
  • Strengthen compliance capacity building of all market participants in China

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