Policy on Responsible Investing 2022 – CDC Group (British International Investment)

The Policy on Responsible Investing of British International Investment (CDC Group until April 2022) supports the impact investor's dual mandate to "deliver responsible and sustainable development impact and to make sustainable financial returns".

It notably encourages the use of Collective Action as a way to go beyond compliance in tackling business integrity (BI) risks. Page 30 reads: 

"Effective approaches to BI risk management should improve governance and transparency in decision-making, build trust with employees and business partners and deliver other benefits that enable sustainable growth. The most successful approaches are ones where employees can share concerns about BI free from retaliation and where companies are honest in acknowledging the risks they face, and seek to effect wider market change by tackling systemic BI risks like corruption through engagement in collective action initiatives."

The policy also emphasises the role of Collective Action approaches to address other global challenges beyond corruption, noting the "role that companies can play in enabling collective and collaborative action to address climate change".

The policy comes into effect on 1 April 2022, when it replaces the CDC Group's previous Code of Responsible Investing. The CDC Group's rebranding as British International Investment takes place at the same time.

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