Integrity in the construction sector

This booklet was developed by Global Compact Network Brazil in partnership with Ethos Institute and companies of the construction sector. The purpose is to provide examples of emblematic cases of the main situations that may expose companies of the construction sector to solicitations of corruption, and therefore propose good preventive practices and responses to such scenarios.

The intent is to have a learning tool that contributes to combat corruption, improve the business environment, and propose a new standard of conduct for all companies in the market, including public-private relations.

The publication was inspired by the “RESIST – Resist, Extortion and Solicitation in International Transactions” publication and explores the main threats, risks and regulatory issues construction companies may encounter throughout their operations in Brazil.

It comprises hypothetical scenarios, as proposed by participating construction companies, and solutions for how they are able to address/overcome them. In addition, the introduction of the learning tool included a public statement from participating construction companies, recognizing their errors and reinforcing their commitment to improving compliance standards collectively and within their respective organizations. 

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