Handbook: Curbing Corruption in Public Procurement

This Handbook for Curbing Corruption in Public Procurement is meant to be a basic introduction for all stakeholders to the challenge of overcoming corruption in the fi eld of public procurement. Our intention is to provide the readers with real world examples of successful actions that have been taken against corruption in a variety of Asian countries. The hope is that these experiences can be “translated” and “exported” to other situations and countries with similar success.

This Handbook is the report resulting from the European Union – Asia Urbs Programme, which provided funds for cross-sectoral workshops on improving public procurement in the three Asian countries described in this Handbook. 

This Handbook is broken down into Part I, which is meant to be a “global introduction” to procurement. Part II is further subdivided into three country chapters: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan. Each of these chapters includes descriptions of the legal and historical context of corruption in public contracting in their country as well as the various steps that have been taken to work against it.

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