Open Data Working Group Meeting - Countering Environmental Corruption Practitioners Forum

Open data working group june

Learning how to effectively use beneficial ownership data is critical to combating environmental corruption and promoting value chain integrity. Beneficial ownership data, which reveals the individuals who ultimately own or control a company, is a powerful tool for identifying and mitigating corrupt practices. By making ownership structures transparent, it becomes harder for illicit actors to hide their identities and engage in money laundering, tax evasion or other forms of financial misconduct.

This session of the Countering Environmental Corruption Practitioners Forum Open Data Working Group will feature Alanna Markle and Agustina De Luca from Open Ownership.

  • Alanna Markle is the policy and research manager at Open Ownership. She leads projects to develop, test and refine the organisation's policy recommendations and supports the implementation of Beneficial Ownership Transparency reforms. Prior to joining Open Ownership, Alanna worked in strategic foresight and policy analysis, most recently as an analyst in the Office of the Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
  • Agustina De Luca is Open Ownership's Senior Advocacy Manager. She leads Open Ownership's advocacy work, including promoting better standards for implementing reforms and improving the availability of high quality beneficial ownership information.

The meeting will be held in English on Zoom. It is open to current members of the Countering Environmental Corruption Practitioners Forum and its Open Data Working Group, as well as those interested in joining.

Open data working group june
Start date
27 June 2024
End date
17 June 2024