5th International Collective Action Conference: Putting Business Integrity on the Global Agenda

The 5th International Collective Action Conference will take place over two days in Basel, Switzerland under the theme "Putting Business Integrity on the Global Agenda".

The two-day conference seeks to amplify the growing momentum for anti-corruption Collective Action, a collaborative approach to catalyse the power of the private sector against corruption.

It is open to anyone interested in Collective Action approaches to tackle corruption and raise standards of business integrity, including stakeholders from the private and public sectors, international organisations, civil society and academia. 

The conference will include the prestigious International Anti-Corruption Collective Action Awards.

The event is in person only.

Watch the Conference web page or follow the Basel Institute's Private Sector team on LinkedIn or X for updates.

Collective Action Conference 2024
Start date
24 June 2024
End date
25 June 2024
Basel Institute on Governance