Applying behavioural insights to fight Green Corruption – a Corrupting the Environment event

Why do people poach, trade and buy protected wildlife – and what might change that behaviour? This virtual panel discussion focused on how behavioural approaches can and must complement interventions tackling illegal wildlife trade (IWT) and other environment crimes.

It was part of the Corrupting the Environment webinar series of the Basel Institute on Governance and the OECD.

Frédéric Boehm, Economist/Policy Analyst at the OECD, moderated the panel featuring:

  • Gayle Burgess, Behavioural Change Programme Leader at TRAFFIC
  • Saba Kassa, Public Governance Specialist at the Basel Institute on Governance
  • Alex Ngabirano, Founder and Director of the Bwindi Development Network in Uganda
Slide promoting webinar on applying behavioural approaches to fight green corruption
Start date
14 April 2021
End date
14 April 2021
Basel Institute on Governance; OECD