Anti-corruption Collective Action: Mainstreaming multi-stakeholder approaches for integrity and fair business

The rapid expansion of anti-corruption Collective Action is offering businesses, governments and civil society groups powerful ways to enhance business integrity and create fair business conditions. What does Collective Action look like in practice? What benefits does it bring, what is success, and how do you measure it? And what should we expect from each other in these multi-stakeholder initiatives?

A Basel Institute webinar on 19 October 2022 brought together four leading speakers in Collective Action to answer these questions and more from their own hands-on experience. Each represented a different stakeholder group commonly involved in anti-corruption Collective Action initiatives: government, the private sector, civil society and multilateral organisations.

The Basel Institute's Vanessa Hans moderated the panel discussion, featuring:

  • Vitor Geromel of the OECD 
  • Daniela Santana Silva of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile
  • Soji Apampa of the Convention on Business Integrity
  • Vibeke Lyssand Leirvag of Felicia Designs Ltd
Collective Action webinar screenshot
Start date
19 October 2022
End date
19 October 2022
Basel Institute on Governance