4th International Collective Action Conference 2022

Over 200 leading anti-corruption professionals from the public and private sectors, civil society and academia came together at the 4th International Collective Action Conference on 30 June and 1 July 2022.

Their goal: to reach across silos and add momentum to the growing global recognition that Collective Action needs to be a central element of corruption prevention.

The Basel Institute on Governance hosted the conference with the support of the Siemens Integrity Initiative.

The theme – How to mainstream Collective Action to achieve a clean, fair and sustainable business environment for all – reflects our joint efforts over the last years to support anti-corruption practitioners from all sectors and stakeholder groups seeking collective solutions to collective challenges of corruption and fair business.

ICAC 2022: Gretta Fenner opens the 4th International Collective Action Conference.
Start date
30 June 2022
End date
30 June 2022
Basel Institute on Governance