23. April 2020

Justice continuity: threatened or thriving?

Justice Continuity

A group of the world's top financial crime litigators has just published a collection of updates on justice continuity around the world.

Published by the International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators, the collection covers court systems in: Austria, Canada, England, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Slovakia, England and Wales, and the United States.

Social distancing measures around the world are having a dramatic impact on justice in different jurisdictions. As one might guess - and as our asset recovery team fears may happen in their countries - justice in some places is threatened. In others, it's thriving. Why? How?

Fellows of The International Academy of Financial Crime Litigators have surveyed their respective jurisdictions to report how they are coping with the pandemic within the context of each particular situation. Spoiler alert: in France, justice is allegedly "at a standstill" while in the UK and Wales, "true British grit" is said to be a reason for the continued effective service. In Canada, virtual courtrooms are not to be used for "jousting on administrative matters".

This Justice Continuity Project is very much in keeping with The Academy’s mission and goals. It was founded to gather, disseminate and preserve information vital to the operation of legal systems worldwide. The present crisis calls upon all litigators and their academic counterparts to apply their skills and knowledge toward obtaining a safe and just resolution.

The Basel Institute on Governance acts as Secretariat for The Academy, whose founding membership includes the Basel Institute's President, Mark Pieth, and Managing Director, Gretta Fenner.