05. November 2014

ICAR conducts joint workshop for prosecutors and investigators on proceeds of crime and money laundering in Lesotho

From 27 to 31 October 2014, the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network of South Africa (ARINSA), the Financial Intelligence Unit of Lesotho and the International Center of Asset Recovery (ICAR) conducted a joint Workshop for Prosecutors and Investigators on Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering in Tayetayeneng, Lesotho.

The workshop programme was designed to raise awareness of proceeds of crime and money laundering, incorporating practical training sessions on a number of relevant topics.

These included applying search warrants to obtain financial documents; preparing production orders, restraining orders and requests for mutual legal assistance; drafting indictments in money laundering cases, as well as developing legal arguments for the preparation of criminal and civil forfeiture/confiscation orders and effecting their enforcement. Some 60 participants from a number of government agencies of Lesotho attended the training workshop.