10. March 2015

ICAR conducts 3rd training in financial investigation and asset recovery in Bhutan

Bhutan workshop

After conducting two very successful and similar workshops in financial investigation and asset recovery in Bhutan during 2014, the International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) was invited to conduct a third such training workshop in Bhutan. Contracted by the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation (SDC) ICAR developed and delivered a 5-day training workshop entitled “Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery” which was held in Thimphu from 24 to 28 February 2015, and attended by a total of 28 participants, comprising representatives of the Judiciary, OAG, ACC, Royal Bhutan Police, Drug Regulatory Authority, Department of Revenue and Custom, and Bhutan National Legal Institute. In addition and for the first time, participants from various financial institutions, the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan and Royal Audit Authority attended the training which increased the rich diversity of the interaction and communication.

A Member of Parliament from the National Council also participated in the workshop to experience the training first-hand in the interests of ensuring that practical challenges and implementation issues raised by participants could be further addressed at a higher level where possible.

The customisation of the training to the Bhutanese legal environment and practice, incorporating local laws and names, once again proved to be a very successful approach. Many of the participants commented on the reality of the practical exercise, and applicability of the lectures to their legal system and experience.

During the opening ceremony, the Honourable Chief Justice of Bhutan provided the keynote address, stating:

After the conclusion of the first training, I have heard only praises from the judges and lawyers who attended the training last June. I have been informed that the workshop was very relevant, and that the practical exercise of the realistic, yet fictitious case of Minister Tenzin Wangchuk was brilliantly prepared, which helped them to understand the issues with ease. The participants were very impressed with the trainers for their extensive knowledge and for the amount of research, preparation and effort they had put in to ensure the success of the workshop.”