16. March 2016

Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery training programmes in India

Experts from ICAR delivered two back-to-back 5-day country specific training programmes in financial investigations and asset recovery in New Delhi, India, from 29 February to 11 March 2016.  These workshops were conducted as part of a technical assistance arrangement between the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office in India and the Indian Ministry of Finance Enforcement Directorate (MOF-ED).

The aim of the training was to enhance the technical skills of the Indian MOF-ED, the country's sole agency entrusted with the investigation and prosecution of money laundering offences and attachment/confiscation of the proceeds of crime, to investigate financial crimes with international links. The training also aimed to enhance the ability of investigators to draft and handle international Mutual Legal Assistance requests, thus increasing their capacity to trace, freeze and recover stolen assets. It is hoped that this support may assist the MOF-ED in bringing current investigations of a number of cases with a UK link to a successful conclusion, including the forfeiture of criminal assets. 

The feedback provided by participants at the conclusion of the training was positive throughout. One participant stated that the training course was useful for his work and that "[i]t was an excellent experience interacting with international experts in the field". Another participant said: "It is the best course of my whole service tenure."