15. December 2019

COSP side event: Living up to the spirit of articles 43 and 46 UNCAC

COSP side event - Living up to the spirit of articles 43 and 46 UNCAC

The Basel Institute's International Centre for Asset Recovery (ICAR) is hosting a side event on "Living up to the spirit of articles 43 and 46 UNCAC" at the Conference of the States Parties to the UN Convention Against Corruption (COSP8). 

UNCAC Articles 43 and 46 deal with international cooperation and mutual legal assistance. 

How can their principles provide answers to countries that are victims of corruption and seeking to recover assets through non-conviction-based confiscation?

Join the panel of expert practitioners from Peru, Switzerland, Germany and Kenya on Friday 20 December, 9am–10am, in conference room CR1 of COSP. 


  • Why is it so difficult for countries that have been victims of large-scale corruption to get international asset confiscation orders enforced?
  • How can we make it easier for states to afford one another, as Article 46 requires, "the widest measure of mutual legal assistance" in asset recovery cases?
  • What can we learn from successful cases of international cooperation in asset recovery?


  • Oscar Solórzano, Senior Asset Recovery Specialist and Country Manager Peru, Basel Institute on Governance
  • Hamilton Castro, Specialised Prosecutor, Office of the Attorney General, Peru
  • Barbara Kammermann, Swiss Federal Office of Justice, Switzerland
  • Markus Busch, Head of Division, Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, Germany
  • Muthoni Kimani, Director, Asset Recovery Office, Kenya