26. January 2021

Basel Institute welcomes Liechtenstein as core donor to the Green Corruption programme

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We are delighted to welcome Liechtenstein as an inaugural core donor to our Green Corruption programme.

The programme applies anti-corruption, follow-the-money and governance approaches to critical issues of environmental degradation. Liechtenstein’s support and endorsement are particularly valuable as we ramp up and expand the programme, building on a strong base of evidence and experience gained through our efforts in the last years to tackle financial crime in illegal wildlife trade.

Dr Katrin Eggenberger, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture, commented:

“Like the Basel Institute on Governance, I am extremely worried about the devastating impact of corruption on peace and security, sustainable development as well as human rights. We are a firm and early supporter of applying the follow-the-money approach to the critical issues of our times. Addressing corruption that harms our environment through the Green Corruption programme also helps to address human rights and governance challenges, which are both key priorities of Liechtenstein’s multilateral development cooperation.”

Echoing these sentiments, Gretta Fenner, Managing Director of the Basel Institute on Governance, said:

“Liechtenstein has been a strong partner of the Basel Institute and its International Centre for Asset Recovery for many years. We warmly welcome their support for our Green Corruption programme, which will allow us together with our donors to catalyse anti-corruption and follow-the-money approaches in the environmental sphere and thereby contribute to combating environmental degradation.”

Among recent initiatives of the Basel Institute’s Green Corruption programme is a joint dialogue series with the OECD exploring critical issues of environmental degradation through the lens of financial crime and illicit trade. The next events will take place on 27 January and 23 February – find out more and register here.