Anti-corruption guidance for SMEs

The Basel Institute supports small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with tailored guidance on anti-corruption compliance, bribery prevention and Collective Action. Find out more:

Until July 2020, these services were subsidised by the UK Business Integrity Initiative. We are now happy to offer similar packages at very reasonable rates to any SME worldwide.

Gemma Aiolfi

Senior Advisor, Legal and Compliance

Compliance guidance

Tailored training and guidance on how to comply with relevant anti-corruption laws and regulations such as the UK Bribery Act. The aim is to reduce the risks of legal liability and penalties for firms and individuals, and guide on remedial strategies to address situations when things go wrong. Services include:

  • Training on compliance with relevant laws, based on real-life case studies and including how to deal with requests for facilitation payments.
  • Country-specific guidance on local and international laws and regulations governing the SME’s sector and/or products.
  • Support when things go wrong, including guidance on how and when to report bribery and corruption and on remedial strategies such as revised controls, increased scrutiny of transactions, enhanced policies and procedures, training and digital solutions.

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Prevention guidance

A comprehensive programme of support to SMEs seeking to identify their specific corruption risks and develop and implement cost-effective policies and procedures to prevent bribery and corruption. Services include: 

  • Co-development of a risk-prevention strategy and action plan based on an assessment of a company’s bribery and corruption risks and their current controls.
  • Detailed information on corruption risks in specific countries or sectors, with a focus on mitigation strategies. 
  • Close collaboration with companies to create, improve and update risk assessments, codes of conduct, policies and procedures, and a due-diligence approach for third parties.

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Collective Action guidance

Guidance on how to use Collective Action as a tool to promote fair competition and tackle corruption risks in overseas markets. Services include:

  • Relevant, timely and accurate guidance to SMEs interested in engaging in anti-corruption Collective Action Initiatives with the private sector.
  • Practical assistance in setting up sustainable public-private dialogue mechanisms in countries to advocate for policy reforms.
  • Country workshops with global and/or local companies on how to do business with integrity in that context.

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