21. July 2019

Reflections on 2018: International Centre for Collective Action

Collective Action Conference

“Evolution to Revolution” was the theme of the year for the Basel Institute’s activities promoting Collective Action in 2018. Endorsement of anti-corruption Collective Action in 2018 by the B20 Argentina and UK Anti-Corruption Strategy supports growing acceptance of the concept as a useful tool to tackle bribery. Collective Action is gradually moving towards becoming a global norm.

We are delighted to have contributed to these achievements and look forward to continuing to promote the potential of Collective Action to address systemic corruption issues in markets, industry sectors and procurement projects around the world.

International Collective Action Conference

The 3rd International Collective Action Conference in November 2018 was a fitting culmination of the Institute’s Collective Action project over the last 3.5 years, supported by the Siemens Integrity Initiative Second Funding Round and implemented in collaboration with the OECD and the UN Global Compact.

Over 200 participants from 40 countries across five continents and all sectors came together for the event, which was sponsored by the Siemens Integrity Initiative and US law firm Hughes Hubbard & Reed. Presentations and panels explored the ongoing evolution of the movement and how new elements – new stakeholder collaborations, digital tools, behavioural science, human rights and sustainability – are creating a small revolution pushing anti-corruption actors to make Collective Action more effective.

Fostering peer learning and best practice sharing

Leading up to the conference, the Basel Institute organised and facilitated structured discussions during two Collective Action peer learning workshops held in Basel, Switzerland and Aswan, Egypt. Representatives of 36 Collective Action initiatives and other stakeholders from around the world identified a series of success factors and strategies for overcoming challenges.

We have shared the results of these peer learning initiatives online via the B20 Collective Action Hub. The report joins a database of over 130 initiatives, guidance on practical Collective Action tools and a wealth of academic research, including more than a dozen new publications during 2018.

2018 at a glance

Siemens Integrity Initiative

Facilitation of Collective Action initiatives

  • Progress in four industry Collective Action initiatives facilitated by the Basel Institute, including development of a website for the Metals Technology Initiative.
  • Mandate to act as Secretariat for the Tainted Assets Initiative, supported by the OECD Secretariat.

High Level Reporting Mechanisms (HLRM)

Siemens Integrity Initiative funding enabled our work on the HLRM with the OECD to continue in 2018, with major developments including:

Research and publications

Looking ahead – planned activities in 2019

This text appears in the Basel Institute's Annual Report 2018.

Gemma Aiolfi

Senior Advisor, Legal and Compliance