Integrity Pacts

This open database presents a selection of Integrity Pacts implemented in procurement projects around the world. It forms part of a wider resource centre on Integrity Pacts on the B20 Collective Action Initiative, created in large part with financial support from the KBA-NotaSys Integrity Fund.

Download list of Integrity Pacts

Title Sort descending Country Sector Year
Global Compact Brazil – Urban Cleaning, Solid Waste and Effluent Anti-Corruption Collective Action Brazil Waste management 2018
Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme (K-III Project) Integrity Pact Pakistan Infrastructure, Water 2001
Hanover Regional Clinic Integrity Pact Germany Health, Infrastructure 2010
India Defence Integrity Pacts India Defence 2006
Integrity Pact for the MS2014+ Online Platform Czech Republic Communications, Technology 2016
Integrity Pact in Solok District, West Sumatra Indonesia Cross Sector 2002
Integrity Pacts in Argentina – Country Overview Argentina Cross Sector
Integrity Pacts in Austria - Country Overview Austria Cross Sector
Integrity Pacts in Bulgaria - Country Overview Bulgaria Cross Sector
Integrity Pacts in China - Country Overview China Cross Sector
Integrity Pacts in Colombia - Country Overview Colombia Communications, Education, Energy, Finance, Health, Housing, Infrastructure, Defence, Transport
Integrity Pacts in Ecuador – Country Overview Ecuador Cross Sector
Integrity Pacts in Germany - Country Overview Germany Cross Sector
Integrity Pacts in Greece - Country Overview Greece Cross Sector
Integrity Pacts in Hungary - Country Overview Hungary Cross Sector
Integrity Pacts in India - Country Overview India Cross Sector 2006
Integrity Pacts in India's Banking and Finance Sector India Finance 2015
Integrity Pacts in Indonesia - Country Overview Indonesia Cross Sector
Integrity Pacts in Infrastructure in Rwanda - Country Overview Rwanda Infrastructure
Integrity Pacts in Italy - Country Overview Italy Cross Sector