Integrity Pacts

This open database presents a selection of Integrity Pacts implemented in procurement projects around the world. It forms part of a wider resource centre on Integrity Pacts on the B20 Collective Action Initiative, created in large part with financial support from the KBA-NotaSys Integrity Fund.

Download list of Integrity Pacts

Title Sort descending Country Sector Year
Administrative Capacity Integrity Pact Romania Public services 2016
Airport Road Intersection Integrity Pact El Salvador Construction, Infrastructure, Transport 2017
Alcobaça Monastery Integrity Pact Portugal Construction, Media and culture 2016
Anti-Flood Pipeline Integrity Pact Greece Infrastructure 2016
Berlin Housing Project Integrity Pact Germany Housing, Infrastructure 2010
Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport Integrity Pact Germany Construction, Infrastructure, Transport 2005
Bhaktapur "City of Culture" Integrity Pact Nepal Cross Sector 1999
Bremen-Mitte Clinic Integrity Pact Germany Health, Infrastructure 2009
Budapest XIII-District Nursery Integrity Pact Hungary Construction, Education 2013
Buenos Aires Subway Line - "Linea H" Integrity Pact Argentina Infrastructure, Transport 1999
Cagliari Tramway Integrity Pact Italy Infrastructure, Transport 2015
Castilla - La Mancha - Cuenca Gymnasium Integrity Pact Spain Construction 2018
Castilla - La Mancha: Education Centre in Hellin Integrity Pact Spain Construction 2018
City of Victoria Integrity Pact (Convenio de Integridad) and Reporting Mechanism Mexico Cross Sector 2019
Community Water Integrity Pact Zambia Infrastructure, Water
Defence Integrity Pacts Colombia Defence 2004
Digital Library of Romania Integrity Pact Romania Education, Media and culture, Technology 2017
El Cajón and La Yesca Dam Projects Integrity Pact Mexico Infrastructure, Water 2002
Energy Renovation of Hospitals Integrity Pact Slovenia Construction, Health 2016
Eskom Integrity Pact South Africa Public services 2016