City of Victoria Integrity Pact (Convenio de Integridad) and Reporting Mechanism

The City of Victoria, capital of the state of Tamaulipas in Mexico, has been working on an integrity initiative aimed at implementing compliance business practices into the processes and structures of the local government. By partnering with a Spanish city they have been able to participate in a EuropeAID project on governance.

The City of Victoria has published an Integrity Pact (Convenio de Integridad) inviting companies interested in being suppliers to the local government to implement or strengthen their integrity and anti-corruption programmes in order to comply with certain standards. The local government has also established a Reporting Mechanism for suspicious conduct regarding acquisitions and bidding processes through the Comptroller's Office.

This is the first local government in Mexico to establish a mechanism similar to a Collective Action initiative or an Integrity Pact.

Last updated: 27.04.2021

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