Lucie Binder

Governance and Integrity Specialist
+41 61 205 56 76

Lucie joined the Basel Institute on Governance as Governance & Integrity Specialist in September 2022. She supports efforts to mainstream Collective Action by producing analytical and policy papers, and leading the development of an index focusing on anti-corruption Collective Action.

Prior to joining the Basel Institute, Lucie was Head of Governance & Strategy at Cochrane, the world’s leading evidence-based healthcare organisation. While at Cochrane, she delivered two organisational strategic plans and a new monitoring & evaluation approach to measure the success and impact of organisational activities. She also has extensive experience in charity governance in the UK.

Lucie holds a master's degree in Archaeology & Anthropology from the University of Oxford and is working towards chartered status with the Chartered Governance Institute of UK & Ireland. She speaks fluent English and German.