Lakso Anindito

Team Leader, Indonesia

Lakso Anindito joined the Basel Institute on Governance in June 2022 and is currently Team Leader, Indonesia. He leads the Indonesia-based technical engagement of the Basel Institute as part of the USAID INTEGRITAS programme. This includes the programme streams related to state-owned enterprises (SOEs), private-sector compliance, government inspectorates and High Level Reporting Mechanisms. In this work, he works closely with the Basel Institute's Green Corruption and Private Sector teams. 

Prior to joining the Basel Institute, Lakso was an investigator and a legal specialist for 11 years at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Presidential office (UKP4 and REDD+ Agency). At the KPK, he handled programmes with a focus on corporate criminal liability and risk reduction in natural resource management. He also investigated high-profile cases in Indonesia, including the first case of corporate criminal liability for money laundering at KPK and cases involving high-level officials. He was a trainer at the Anti-Corruption Learning Center (ACLC) KPK, where he trained participants from the internal audit offices of SOEs and investigators from various government ministries.

In the REDD+ Agency, Lakso focused on law enforcement and dispute resolution issues, for instance, conducting a pilot of a legal compliance audit to prevent forest and land fire. He also supervised the implementation of the “multidoor” enforcement approach to forestry and priority natural resource-related cases. 

Lakso holds a Master of Law in European and International Trade Law from Lund University, Sweden, as a recipient of a Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals. He gained his Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia.