Juhani Grossmann

Head, Green Corruption / Senior Advisor for Central and Eastern Europe
+41 61 205 55 30

Juhani Grossmann leads the Basel Institute's Green Corruption programme and is Senior Advisor for Central and Eastern Europe . He joined the Basel Institute in April 2020. 

Prior to joining the Institute, he spent nine years leading anti-corruption and good governance programmes in Indonesia. This included managing the USD 25 million USAID-funded CEGAH project, which advised 17 government agencies on their respective integrity building efforts. The programme's 50+ tracks included internal controls and compliance, public service complaint-handling systems, court IT system integration, access to public information and financial investigations.

In the Philippines, he managed a programme on campaign finance reform that resulted in the first obligatory disclosure of expenditure records by political candidates. He also led an international assessment of the country’s 2010 landmark IT-based elections. 

Over five years in Ukraine, he organised the biggest election observation mission worldwide at that time, fielding over 1,000 international observers to monitor the 2004 presidential elections and uncovering widespread election fraud. After the ensuing Orange Revolution, he advised the new government in strengthening its anti-corruption reforms through extensive research on corruption patterns in customs, healthcare, education and licensing. This led to the enactment of over 80 local-level reforms. He also facilitated the negotiations that led to the adoption of Ukraine's first access to public information law. Prior to Ukraine, he worked on civil society and political party capacity building in Russia. 

Juhani holds a Master’s degree in Public Management from Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany as well as an MA in International Conflict Resolution and a BA in Political Science, both from Landegg International University in Switzerland.