We are pleased to see States embracing the business community in corruption prevention activities in Africa. At a recent anti-corruption conference in Rabat, a new declaration emphasised the importance of the "involvement of all stakeholders, with a shared vision and an action based on collective mobilisation…”. This language underlies the Collective Action approach that we at the Basel Institute have long promoted to increase standards of integrity and fair business around the world.

This guidance seeks to capture and explore the innovative approaches that African governments have developed to address the demand and supply sides of corruption more effectively and sustainably. It is designed to help government institutions, in particular national anti-corruption agencies, engage with the private sector more effectively to prevent corruption.

A Basel AML Index briefing following the decision of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to remove Morocco from its list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring (“grey list”) in February 2023.

The briefing covers the main issues that led to Morocco being grey-listed in February 2021, the action plan developed to address them, and publicly available data on how it was implemented.